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Welcome to A Natural Conversation!

If you've ever felt like you wanted to throw in the towel and call an end to this natural thing...I'm here to tell you, "YOU ARE NOT ALONE!"

A natural hair journey can feel lonely at times. As rewarding as it is, there are challenges that can leave you feeling defeated and ready to give up. I mean who knew that being a natural would require you to have a Honorable PHD in Chemistry, and a Masters Degree in Psychology. Because lets be real, the science that goes into knowing which products mix well without leaving a residue, and the level of frustration when your Twist Out is a REAL!!!

It can all be so overwhelming with all of the Textures, Curl Patterns, LOC Method and LCO Method, TWAs and Big Chops, 4c's and 3b's, and don't forget the Porosities: Low, Medium, and High, High Buns and Low Pony's, Fairy Knots and Top Knots...Lions, Tigers, and Bears 🤣 (I hope you read that as a complete run on without taking a breath).

At times the thought of creamy crack becomes more and more tempting. Like seriously, the simplicity of a wash and set over a wash and go could entice even the most die hard natural at times.

For these and many other reasons I started "A Natural Conversation", to let you know that "YOU ARE NOT ALONE!"

Trust me, I don't claim to have all the answers, nor do I claim to be an expert. But, I am a Natural who has experienced many epic failed hairstyles, some episodes of heat damage, a few encounters of being hair shamed, and a short phase of insecurity.

Over time I have embraced the complexities and the characteristics of my hair and I've learned what works best to get my hair to it's healthiest state. Once we accept our hair it becomes so much easier to embrace and manage, and in turn makes the journey enjoyable.

My name is Kama (pronounced Kay-ma) and I started A Natural Conversation to be a place where girls and women of all ages can come and be inspired and encouraged on their hair journey. My goal is to be transparent as I share the highs and lows I've encountered as a natural.

Many of my Blog posts are in response to the various DM's and Emails I receive, and they highlight common hair topics that many of us face. Of course I will be sharing some hair tips and ways to help you fall in LOVE with your hair. ❤

This journey can feel a bit lonely at times but it doesn't have to be! So while you're here please feel free to comment, share, and ask questions so we can keep the conversation going.

PRACTICAL SKILLS: Don't give up and Don't be afraid to break a few "NATURAL HAIR RULES" along the way!

Truth is: there will always be some products and some regimens that may not work for your hair and that's fine. Once you find what does work the journey will get easier.

So now, since we can all be honest and agree that at times this journey sucks...doesn't it feel great knowing that YOU ARE NOT ALONE?!

Let's journey together one Wash and Go and one Twist Out (Feel free to insert your fave style😉) at a time!!!




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Ming Thanks so much!! You’re right...women are struggling in this area now more than ever. To know that you support your clients whatever their decision, is encouraging. When I was going natural I had stylists who tried to deter me. We gotta talk about it as Stylists, as Bloggers, as WOMEN!!! 😘🥰


A nice read!! Woman are often critiqued and a lot of women struggle with that daily! Your message reminds women that you can be the best you for you and embrace all aspects! Proud of you cousin you keep pushing! Though I’m far away from going natural me as a stylist for 30 years...I’ve seen it all and support whatever decision it is. Power to the fluff and curls 🙏🏾💪🏾💕


Absolutely beautiful written. I must say I have not taken the natural Journey as of yet, but watching your results I am definitely seeing the natural side of things in a better light.


Thank you. This is a love/hate relationship so far with my going natural.

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