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I began Journey Reign Co. in 2018 after a long transitioning hair journey. While transitioning, I became aware of just how interconnected a woman's hair and confidence levels are. It occurred to me that there is a thin line between feeling good and looking good. After the many highs and lows that often accompany transitioning to natural, I decided something needed to be done. As a lover of all things hair, I created Journey Reign to be a place of empowerment and encouragement for every hair type. 

I like to think of Journey Reign as a resource for those who are looking for assistance on their journey. I remember struggling to find healthy hair products that were safe and effective, I also remember feeling frustrated, trying to find a haircare regimen that worked. Now its time to help others overcome these same common hair struggles.   

As a Christian brand, I stand on the Bible Verse: “I am fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalms 139:14). 

I believe that confidence and beauty go hand and hand. My goal is to inspire you on your journey to healthy hair!

Hi! I’m Kama.

Founder of Journey Reign Co. creator of  Journey Oil  and Saved and Natural™ .

At Journey Reign we are passionate about seeing you uncover your healthiest hair. We are a Christian Brand, and our hope is that the Brand will inspire you to be bold in all of life's journey's.


Enjoy The Journey!

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