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At Journey Reign Co. our goal is to inspire you to fall in love with your hair. We believe that healthy hair begins with healthy hair products and a healthy hair regimen. Hence, why we created Journey Oil. A handcrafted, vegan, hair stimulating oil, formulated to promote hair growth, and restore the health of your strands. 

Our mission is to assist you in falling in love with your hair by sharing haircare tips and healthy hair care practices, via our Blog Posts. 

While you are here, head over to "A Natural Conversation", where you can find tips and some trending hair topic posts. Be sure to check out our Saved and Natural bold statement Hair Tees’.   

We are glad you stopped by!

Journey With Us!

Journey Oil is perfectly handcrafted for all hair types for soft manageable tresses and healthy hair growth.




Our CEO Kama is passionate about all things hair. As a student of Trichology, her love for seeing you uncover your healthiest hair is her ultimate goal. 



A Natural Conversation is a place where we discuss solutions, regimens and best practices for trending hair topics.



Saved and Natural is our faith based "Hair Tee" apparel line.  Our hope is that our Tee's will inspire you to be bold in your hair journey AND in your Faith.

Journey Reign
Journey Reign
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